Ride a rocket at Lake and Pen Air!

Well now, isn't she a beauty!?
Fast, comfortable, leather lined, and built for speed - we call 32A our Rocket for good reason!
Once you take a flight in our Beechcraft Bonanza, you'll be hooked for life. 
She's #UnlockingAlaska in record time. Come take a ride!


Lake Clark National Park's: Iliamna Mountain

Winter or Summer this giant mountain is worth a Flight Tour.

Nestled near the edge of the Lake Clark National Park, next to The Cook Inlet, Mt Iliamna towers (10,016 feet)
above the rest of the Aleutian Mountain Range. She is one of two active volcanoes here and is often steaming.
Mt. Iliamna is almost entirely covered with four major glaciers, one of which is the outstanding Tuxedni Glacier
on the Eastern flank. On her South side is a glacier melt that runs into the Cook Inlet - right where wild
bears and their cubs can be watched and photographed during the summer salmon season. 

Morning, Noon, and Night - she's a beauty!
Mt. Iliamna is just an hour flight from Anchorage, or a 30 minute flight from Port Alsworth.
You can opt to do a beach landing if you'd like to do some bear viewing so bring your family, friends, or co-workers!

Lake and Pen Air: 907-781-2228 or 907-345-2228.


Fuel Plane Celebration Training

What do you train your young ones to do? Alaskan Bush parents train their young to appreciate fuel planes. 


Saying goodbye to a great winter in Lake Clark

We had a great winter this year - the lake froze for several months which let Port Alsworth residents go cross country skiing, kids could check their trap lines by snow machine, there was ice fishing and igloo building, and the lake ice was thick enough to build evening campfires for community gatherings. It doesn't get better than this!!

But now a warm wind has come out of seemingly nowhere and the patches of ice shards along the shores of Lake Clark are melting. Winter is fading fast around here, and it's really beautiful to watch.
Spring is just around the corner.... are you ready?!


Misty peeks of the great Aleutian Mountain Range

Sunrise. Sunset. Up here it's pretty much always glowing and bathed in beauty.
We love flying over and in between these spectacular mountain peeks. Come join us!