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Hot tip for traveling in Alaska.

On a flight from Anchorage to Stoney River, in interior Alaska (with what seemed like 1000 gallons of ice-cream), we flew by this gorgeous sight. The sun fell on the puffy clouds above while it rained dark underneath, and the land glowed golden. 
Hot tip: When flying in Alaska, always have your camera ready!


It's a great day to fly with Lake and Pen Air!

We're headed in every which direction.
All corners of Alaska are within our reach.
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We can get you there!

Our planes are clean, our pilots are experts, our staff is friendly.
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#OptOutside in Alaska's Lake Clark National Park!

Tanalian Mountain, towering over the tiny Alaskan bush village of Port Alsworth, is just one of the named mountains along the edge of Lake Clark.

It's also one of the last 3000'+ mountains on the West side of the Aleutian Range, before it dwindles into marshlands near Lake Iliamna, just a 20 minute flight West.
Above: Tanalian Mountain is on the left, just behind Tommy Island.

Many of these peeks have been scaled by the adventurous, and they claim the effort was well worth it. Summer climbing is easier than winter, but winter is just as beautiful.
Above: Looking East towards Lake Clark Pass and Little Lake Clark.

This Thanksgiving #OptOutside in Port Alsworth,
or anywhere in the Lake Clark National Park.

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The Firebreak Trail is always open

In Port Alsworth, Alaska pretty much everything is open year round.

If you want to go somewhere - you can go.

For instance, here on the Fire Break Trail...
the views are just as beautiful in the winter as they are in the summer.
Come spend a few days in the Lake Clark National Park this winter! 

Lake and Pen Air can get you here - it's just an hours flight from Anchorage and you'll see glaciers, a volcano and lots of beautiful scenery!
*Bonus: you don't need bug spray this time of year!

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