Snow Dunes on Lake Clark

Lake Clark is frozen over so it's time to play!
Get out your skates, fat tire bikes, skis, cramp-on's, fishing gear...
Want to come play in the Lake Clark National Park with us? 
Need a ride?

Call Lake and Pen Air - we fly every day!
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Lake and Pen Air planes can get you just about anywhere!

Lake and Pen Air flies year round and can get you to all kinds of incredible places!
Tell us where and when you want to go,
and we'll create the custom trip of your dreams!
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Winter Wonderland Flats

Alaskan winters are bright and beautiful.
Fly between Anchorage and the Lake Clark Mountain Pass
with Lake and Pen and we'll take you over these flats next to The Cook Inlet
You might spot moose on the tundra, Denali Mountain to the North, or belugas in the Cook Inlet. 
You'll for sure see something wonderful!

Contact us:
907-781-2228 or 907-345-2228


February Giveaway!

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