Ruth Glacier Flight Tour

Ruth Glacier. Nuff said. 
Want to see the amazing amount of mountain this powerful glacier carved away,
and it's blue and white ice field with ribbons of brown rock?

Schedule your personal Flight Tour with Lake and Pen Air: 907-781-2228 or 907-345-2228.


Lake Clark's S.O.B.

Looking for a mountain to climb this summer? Try the S.O.B. It's steep. It's challenging. It's awesome!
You'll find this giant beast on the north side of Lake Clark, in the Lake Clark National Park. 

The best plan of attack is to fly to Port Alsworth with Lake and Pen Air, ask the locals where the trail head is, rent a skiff for the day, and zip about 30 minutes over the pristine glacier fed lake to the other side. Bring a snack, or two, and fill your canteen with the worlds best thirst quenching water at the base. Then be on your way! 
It's a stunning view from the top and, quite honestly, nothing beats the exhilaration of a challenging summit! 


Things sure can change fast in Port Alsworth, Alaska...

One minute it's blue sky above, and the entrance to the Lake Clark Mountain Pass is visible.
Fifteen minutes later the winds have picked up and our snow is melting in a winter rain shower.
They're both part of the beauty and enjoyment of living in the Lake Clark National Park though!
And we'd love to have you come visit! 


A Beautiful Lake Clark National Park Convergence.

One of the most beautiful sights in the Lake Clark National Park is the convergence of Lake Clark,
Little Lake Clark, the glacier fed Tlikakila River, and the entrance to the Lake Clark Mountain Pass. 
Especially when it's cast in the warm glow of a setting winter sun.
If you haven't been to the Lake Clark National Park in the winter, then book your flight with us! It's amazing out here!


Framed Lake Clark

What a gorgeous day. Framed to perfection. Serene colors of blue, grey and white.
And the comfortable window seats in our Cessna Caravans let you take it all in.
Come fly with us!


A Glacier Less Traveled.

LPA would love to show you this beautiful glacier - it's stunning blue made richer by
the misty surrounding and pulverized mountain rocks sprinkled over top. 
You can walk right out on these slowly melting ice fields. Touch them. Photograph them. Lick them if you dare.
Welcome to a glacier (road) less traveled...
Lake and Pen Air: 907-781-2228 or 907-345-2228.
Let's go exploring!