That's it folks.

This is our last blog post for now. 
Thanks for checking in over the years. 
And thanks for flying with Lake and Peninsula Airlines!

You can still keep up with your favorite Alaska air taxi though:



Lake Clark's Not Safe...

..to land on these days. Or walk on. Or touch actually.

It's just fragile little ice shards that disintegrate when touched. 
But so gorgeous!!

Ask Lake and Pen Air about going on your very own Sight-Seeing flight!


Like a private charter...

Lake and Pen Air's newest Caravan is A DREAM! 
Come check her out - she's been getting rave reviews since day one.


What can a 206 do?

Lake and Pen Air's 206's can do quite a lot!

They are great for beach landings - if you want to view bears in the Lake Clark National Park.
They circle on a dime - if you spot sheep on the mountain, or whales in the Cook Inlet.
They are awesome on our 20-min Anchorage Flight-Tour - every seat is a window seat!
Ready for your ride?

Call Lake and Pen Air to schedule your flight today!


Last minute flights...

If you're in a hurry to get somewhere in Alaska, this is your plane. We refer to her as our rocket. 
Whether she's carrying one or 5 people, she'll get you to your destination in a hot second.

or get more info at lakeandpenair.com


Need a charter in Alaska?

We're ready to go! 
Our Caravans can haul items as large as ply-wood and four-wheelers.
Let us know what you need, when you need it, and where you need it.

Lake and Peninsula Airlines


Aleutian Mountains!

Let's skim the top of the Aleutian Mountain Range, in SW Alaska together!
For information on our flights and tours 
or to join the fun we're having every day go to: lakeandpenair.com