Two reasons to visit Port Alsworth.

Come to Port Alsworth to explore the beautiful Lake Clark National Park.
Stay overnight to enjoy a colorful sunset!
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We highly recommend the Wilder B&B for your overnights!


Spring is definitely springing in the Lake Clark National Park!

What a lovely time of year for flight travel!

The mountain snow pack is melting, causing streams in the valley's to grow.
Shrubs and trees along the streams are starting to sprout green leaves. 
Bears are crawling out of dens with their new little cubs.
Beavers are busy building dams.
And clouds are casting beautiful shadows across it all, as far as the eye can see...
We'd love to show you around! 
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Coastal Brown Bears

Lots of people want to see wild bears in their natural habitat - 
but only a few actually go see them. 

We'd love to take you to our favorite wild bear watching location!

You'll be surrounded by streams where giant Coastal Brown Bears swipe wild salmon right out of the water, tidal flats where they teach their cubs to dig for clams at low tide (see below), and the Aleutian Mountain Range backdrop, which includes the active volcano Mt. Iliamna which is almost covered in glaciers! 
You're almost guaranteed to see giant Coastal Brown Bears during July and August.
Flights fill up quickly though so book your seat today!

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The 8th Sourdough Fly-In is in two weeks!

Bring your family to Port Alsworth for
Memorial Day weekend May 27-28. 

LPA is hosting a big ole' BBQ dinner,
plus there's the 5K Run, Flying Competitions,
return of the Sourdough Marketplace (art by local artists)
Dancing to a Live Band,
and Film Fest - submit your films about Alaska or the Outdoors to: lyle@lakeandpenair.com by May 20th to be entered to win the grand prize!

Yahooo..... it's gonna be fun!

For all the details click below: 


Beach Combing with Lake and Pen Air

Alaska is a great place to do beach combing!
All kinds of treasures can be found along the 1000's of miles of coastline.
Glass balls, petrified wood, shells, walrus tusks, whale bones...
Whether you find something or not, the hunt is always memorable!

Let us show you around!


Just about Break-Up in Lake Clark

The ice at the north-east corner of Lake Clark has broken!

Now we just need a little (big) north wind to swoop through the Lake Clark Mountain Pass and the whole ice sheet will just fold up on itself and wash over The Newhalen Falls into Lake Iliamna. 
And just like that - *snap* - Spring will really be here! 


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