Black & White Beauty in the Lake Clark Mountain Pass

There's something peaceful and mesmerizing about a black and white scene passing by your window.
And it's special because it doesn't happen every day.
If you wonder what you'll see on your flight with Lake and Pen Air,
give us a call to make your reservation: 907-781-2228 or 907-345-2228... and we'll find out!


Alaska's Ice Fog - Whatever is it good for?

It's one of nature's beautifiers. Take a look at our Merrill Field property!
Yeah, we're diggin' it.


LPA's new Port Alsworth office!

Welcome to the new office everybody! This space was designed especially for you. 
We stocked it with a coffee bar, wifi, comfy chairs, and lots of windows so you can watch for your plane in style. 
We added lots of cool custom design features like the ceiling installation and concrete floor, old airplane props to hold up the counters, the super cool aluminum UNLOCKING ALASKA sign under the counter, wood planks from the Wilder's commercial fishing stomping grounds at Graveyard Point in Bristol Bay, and a cauldron coffee table that Lyle is building. Still to come... a restroom and consignment store.
We are really loving it, and know you will too! Please stop by to say hello and check out your new space!


Sun Dog

This winter we have had quite a lot of ice fog. While you can't fly in it, it does douse everything in sparkling beauty.
As the sun melts it out of the air, you'll often get to see an amazing Sun Dog...
Join us on our 20 minute Anchorage Flight-Tour to see the white ice encrusted earth below. It's really really beautiful!
Lake and Pen Air: 907-781-2228


Snowy Lake Clark During Golden Hour

The Lake Clark National Park is a beautiful place to be right now! 
This photo was taken during the last couple minutes of an afternoon flight from Lime Village to Port Alsworth.
What a great view towards the head of Lake Clark from one of our amazing Cessna Caravans!


A Sourdough Fly-In article in the Alaska Magazine!

The Alaska Magazine published an article on the Sourdough Fly-In in it's February edition!

The 8th Annual Sourdough Fly-In is May 27-28 (just four months away) - we hope you're coming!!


The Lake Clark 'Swiss Alps'

Yeah, we have some Swiss Alp-ish mountains in our neck of the woods. And they are quite stunning on a sunny day.
Take a flight-tour with us or grab a seat on one of our regular routes for an up close look-see. 
907-781-2228 or 907-345-2228