Chilly Turnagain Arm

The Turnagain Arm on the south side of Anchorage is privy to the worlds second largest tide!
So no matter how chilly or down right frozen the rest of the state gets, the Turnagain Arm will not freeze. 
However, if you fly over the powerful surging waters during the heart of a winter chill you will see giant ice boulders en masse and often causing log jams in the corners of the inlet, or being pushed right out of the ocean onto it's banks.

This, my friends, is not the time to be out on your paddle board - you will be crushed. 

This is the time for a beautiful flight-tour! Fly with us around the inlet and take in the outstanding strength of the wild, untamable ocean. We do flight tours all year round so when you're ready for a beautiful scenery safari, give us a call: 907-781-2228


Lake and Pen Air Dropped Their Air Fare Rates!

We dropped our air fare rate for all
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Unlocking Alaska just. got. easier!

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Happy Thanksgiving!
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The Alaskan Northern Lights

 We love winter because the skies dance in neon and the colors move like magic.
It doesn't happen every day, but when it happens it's spectacular! Come take a look-see.
Thank you Andrew Rowland for this shot! 


The Winter Sunrise

Take a look at this winter sunrise over the Chugach Mountain Range!
Our Merrill Field office in Anchorage is the perfect spot for enjoying beautiful mornings like this all year long.
Stop by for a hot cup of coffee sometime and we'll watch it together!


Alaska Adventure: The North end of Lake Clark

Does your heart skip a beat at the sight of this stunning spot? 
We know where this spectacular place is, and how to get you there!
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