Tanalian Mountain

It's good for several things...
Climbing all spring, summer, and fall.
Naming your school or daughter after it. Both have happened.
It's the perfect backdrop for church, fishing, swimming and fireworks.
Giving your heart a warm fuzzy, if this is home.
Watching at sunset of course!

What else is it good for?


206 Flight-Tours

Flight-tours are amazing in our 206!
It can land almost anywhere, circles on a dime for aerial animal viewing,
and every seat has a window for photos of glaciers and volcanoes.
Let's go exploring!
907-781-2228  or  907-345-2228


Susitna Watershed

This is what pilots call The Big Sue.
It's the bottom of a watershed of that flows from the Susitna River and branches out into mud flats at the edge of the Cook Inlet. The Susitna River starts near the base of Denali Mountain (see the Mountain range on the horizon?). And it blooms many shades bright green in the spring.

Come fly with us! We love showing people around!
#Unlocking Alaska


Lake and Pen Air is Launching Stuff

Lake and Pen Air is a great friend and neighbor to anyone they hear has a need. 
Take for instance just this past week when LPA owner Lyle Wilder offered to launch a locals float plane into Hardenburg Bay at Port Alsworth. All by himself.

First he loaded the float plane onto a trailer...
Very slowly drove it down the runway to the water access ramp...
Then carefully backed the trailer down the ramp and into the water where he easily pushed the plane into the water.
Finally he tied that puppy up to the dock, that's not floating yet because the water is SO low, and went to get some ice tea. Kidding! He hurried back to LPA for his next flight full of passengers. It's summer folks. Tea is for winter round here.
Lyle is all smiles, lots of carefulness, and offered to help the next guys in line with their boat launch too. What can LPA do to help you? 



Ho-hum..... just another day at the Lake and Pen Air office... 


Three ways to get to Port Alsworth, Alaska

There are three ways to get to Port Alsworth,
the only town in the Lake Clark National Park & Preserve.
1 - Feet. Walking takes weeks and is discouraged during the winter. However, if you do decide to walk through the Lake Clark Mountain Pass let us know... Lake and Pen Air owner Lyle Wilder has been known to air drop hot pizza to those on this adventurous trek!

2 - Boat. Boating to Port Alsworth can be done in the spring, summer or fall. It requires a boat, yes, but also a vehicle and boat trailer - depending on the route you take you'll have to cross at least one road. This route is laborious.

3 - Plane. This is our favorite way! It's about an hour's flight and you can see all kinds of amazing things along the way: Glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, sweeping carpets of fireweed blooming in August, golden leaves glowing in the afternoon September sun, and animals of all sorts along the valley floor between the mountains. You just can't beat this stunning route!

When you're ready to fly to Port Alsworth, or anywhere in Alaska,
give us a call: 907-781-2228 


The 8th Sourdough Fly-In was one to remember!

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with us in Port Alsworth!
We look forward to the get together every year. Honestly, there was a cold wind blowing this year.
But besides that, it was sunny, great fun, and we gave away BIG prizes!

Our 5K drew a big crowd even though the temps were low.
The winner of each category won a Moose's Tooth gift card! Carb reloading has never been so tasty!
The first two runners to cross the line were 16 year old twins with times of 14.24 and 14.25.
For them getting Race Ready included stretching-sunbathing-looking cool.
And this year we added a shorter route for the 10 and under crowd and the little runners loved it. 
The Flying Competitions were the biggest to date.
We had more plane type categories...
...more pilot entries...
...and bigger prizes than ever before...
HUGE thank you's to Atlee Dodge for donating two Companion Heaters (value of each $835),
and Learn To Return for donating an Aviation Land & Water Survival class (value $695)!
The winners were stoked!

Ron won the Spot Landing with a 1'2"!!! And he also snagged the Shortest Takeoff with 39'4".
Greg won the Pizza Drop with a 7'5"! And immediately put together his Companion Heater.

By then it was time to BBQ. Thank you to our amazing BBQ'ers like Jon-Boy here...
The Steve Willis Band! played for hours and even let a little local musician join in.
We didn't invite the wind, but it came anyway. Whatever can you do but zip up your jacket and put on some gloves?!
Our Film Festival is so much fun! This year a film about trail biking won - his wipeout reel literally put him over the top. Thank you to everyone who participates by submitting films and coming to watch them! Start planning and filming now for next year... same place same time.

Any takers on having a caravan category in the Flying Comps next year?....