Lake and Pen doesn't usually pick favorites.

Except when throngs of passengers and their semi-truck loads of supplies arrive at our Merrill Field office. Then we instantly go for 02F. This plane is for the big boys, the ladies with their babies, and everybody's plastic totes, rolls of insulation, and cases of spaghetti sauce. 
Look at her fly!


Progress on LPA's new Port Alsworth office!

We're building you a cozy place to wait when it's raining and freezing outside.
There will be comfy chairs, outlets for your phone, and a great view of the ramp!

We went from this last fall...
To this, this summer!...
There will be some fun details inside. Here's a sneak peak at one...

We can't wait to move in and have you start visiting! Shouldn't be long...


Summer In Paradise!

There's nothing quite like the view of Lake Clark on a windless summer morning. 


Alaska Adventure: Flight Tour over East Lake Iliamna

We highly recommend a one hour flight tour around the East end of Lake Iliamna.
It's the largest fresh water lake in North America and is a scenic 20 minute flight from Port Alsworth.

   You'll depart Port Alsworth on Lake Clark...
and fly South, passing by the amazing Lake Kontrashabuna.
As you fly over the mountain pass between the lakes, be on the lookout for this Alaskan style grand canyon.
Few villages settled on the East end of Lake Iliamna, and few people currently call this area home.
It's beautiful all year long, but the cold and windy winters make living in such a remote location difficult.
The East end of the lake is filled with lush islands.
   And if you fly around the right ones, you'll see rare freshwater seals sunning themselves on the beaches.
Here's the gorgeous Eastern shore of Lake Iliamna!
The flight back will be just as beautiful. But remember, photos never do it justice, you gotta come see it yourself.

We love Unlocking Alaska! Join us on flight tour: 907-781-2228


Bush Flying 101: Freight Parties at Lake and Pen!

Lake and Pen Air hauls a lot of freight! Like, a lot.

When a flight is about to land in Port Alsworth, LPA staff will call whoever has a generator, lumber, birthday cake, or box of rocks (yes we've hauled boxes of rocks) on board, and those expectant people will hustle over to the LPA ramp to gather their precious belongings. We've dubbed this gathering of town-folk a "Freight Party!"
Once all the doors and belly pods are opened, LPA staff begin to pull out items. Each item is tagged with a village name and household name, so when staff call out a name the owner steps forward to retrieve it. If the right person isn't there the item is placed in a "to-be-picked-up pile". All the townsfolk help sort the bags/boxes/coolers/totes.
If some freight isn't picked up, LPA staff will nicely stack it on the Freight Room Shelves or in the Fridge/Freezer as needed and give a reminder call to the owner, or they may deliver it to their home!

It's fun unloading planes in the sunshine - it's like a sunny Christmas morning! It's also fun in the rain, but everyone grabs their stuff and dashes home. No lingering and catching up on the latest building project, tough mountain hike, or giant fish caught.

We live the Great Life here at Lake and Pen Air!


August Giveaway


Congratulations to Alison Fowler - the July Giveaway winner!
You just won a one-of-a-kind bag from MadeForFun!